The exciting new Blackfoot longbow!

20005-01-langbogen-blackfoot-768x150The new Blackfoot longbow from Bearpaw Products with its beauty, power, and fantastic price is sure to inspire archers all over the world!

The sweet shooting Blackfoot longbow offers a perfect balance of graceful lines, beautiful wood, and impressive power. It is stable in the hand and easy to control. The new Blackfoot longbow is a graceful 66” high performance longbow – perfect for new archers and experienced archers as well.

Bearpaw Products is thrilled to offer this excellent bow to the world – and at a price that’s almost too good to be true!

You can get the Penthalon Blackfoot for only

196 euros!

Armin Hirmer, one of the best shooters in Malta tested the Blackfoot and posted his review on Youtube. You can watch it below.

Many thanks to Malta for Armin Hirmer!
Enjoy the video review by Armin Hirmer (Henry Bodnik)

The Penthalon Blackfoot is available through all Bearpaw dealers and also directly from the Bearpaw online store.

Click here to see the Penthalon Blackfoot

Please note: The Blackfoot longbow is not made in the same factory as our Bodnik Bows and carries a manufacturer’s guarantee of two years.