The Exciting New Bodnik Bows Horseman

20012-01-Horsebow-HorsemanThe new Horseman has been enthusiastically received by our customers. The changes in the design and bow length implemented by Henry Bodnik have positively influenced both the power and the usability of this bow.


A really great horsebow bow which looks great too ! I am highly satisfied with the results of our product optimization
(Henry Bodnik)

Armin Hirmer from Malta Archery has lots of experience shooting and testing Horsebows. He recently also tested our new Bodnik Bows Horseman and published his impressions in a short video review on YouTube.

Many thanks to Armin Hirmer and Malta Archery!

We hope you enjoy watching this review from Armin Hirmer!

The Bodnik Bows Horseman is available through all of our well stocked Bearpaw dealers or direct via the Bearpaw Shop.

Link Bodnik Horseman