The Final Cut at the 3rd Bearpaw Cup Romania

Bearpaw_Cup_Romania_1On the 2nd day of the Bearpaw Cup a hunter score was shot. Every kill hit scored 20 points whereas body hits were accounted with 5 penalty points. After only 20 goals the second tournament day came to a conclusion to allow time for the finals.

IMG_9458After the first two days of the tournament, the class winners were determined and the best 5 archers of each class had to compete to win the prize money in the finale. For the 1st rank 500 Euros were sponsored as a prize, the 2nd and 3rd rank was sponsored with 300 and 100 Euros by Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik.

MoneyIn Final Cut, finalists had to cover a distance as quickly as possible to then shoot as many arrows as possible into the goal in the remaining time

IMG_9477After all, all the arrows counted! Henry wants to combine an athletic background with archery in order to let people experience the tension first hand. Most of this special finale took place in front of the archers and audience.

IMG_9487After the 1st run the winner of the 500 Euros had been determined.

Final_Cut_WinnerBut two more rounds had to be carried out to determine the 2nd and 3rd ranks. Here a special shooting situation was constructed by Henry, in which one could only fire from a kneeling position with an extremely tilted bow. After all, we want to do everything possible to show and promote instinctive archery.

Der Final Cut of the winner

Final Cut Chaos

Results of the Bearpaw Cup RomaniaTraditional Open11774638_718019931643076_2119975330_nAt the final raffle many individual prices were given out and in the end one could only make out happy faces.

With the prize money and the raffle, Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik want to thank their many fans and give a part of their success directly back to individual archers.