The Glass Laminate of Our Bodnik Bows

  • custom-quickstick08The Bearpaw Power Glass is one of the most important basics of our legendary Bodnik Bows. Some of their extraordinary properties and our unique warranty of 30 years are based on the particular characteristics of our Bearpaw Power Glass. Several years ago, Henry Bodnik made the decision to manufacture all Bodnik Bows exclusively with this glass laminate, thus laying an important foundation for the success of our archery brand.

    These Bodnik Bows have properties that are simply unbeatable

Glaslaminat_1Henry Bodnik and the company Bearpaw Products gladly accepted this offer to exclusively sell the glass laminates of the company Isosport!

Today our Bearpaw Power Glass Company of Isosport from Vienna is used in many countries around the world. Bowyers and bow producers are very aware of the enormous advantages of this glass laminate.

There is no other glass laminate in the world which we could offer our unique 30 years warranty with. (Henry Bodnik)

Byron_FergusonByron Ferguson is also convinced of our Bodnik Bows! This is the good reason he has his Byron Ferguson Z Bow manufactured by Bodnik Bows in Germany.

Bodnik Bows are Great! (Byron Ferguson)