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The Hawk has arrived!

Bearpaw Bodnik Bows Hawk Banner

At the end of last year there was a lot of chatter and a long discussion on one of the Archer’s Campfire blogs about our Custom Hawk bow: ( Link ).

  • is it a copy of the Black Widow?
  • where did the idea come from?

We were asked lots and lots of questions.

Several archers in the Campfire forum had expressed the desire to own such a bow so we at Bearpaw decided to produce a Hawk series (Volkshawk or Peoples Hawk) at an affordable price and add it to our offerings. Comparable bows cost between 800 – 1.200 Euros. We will be offering it at a considerably lower price.

As of today the Hawk is officially available in our shop for purchase. In designing the Hawk we made sure that the combination of high quality materials, the aesthetics and the performance achieve an optimal balance.

Centerpiece: Here we have used our proven combination of hardwood (Shedua) with Mycarta. Through this combination the centerpiece has a proper weight and is qualified for use with Fast Flight (Traditional Speed Flight) by the uncompromising archer. Bearpaw bows are guaranteed even if you use arrows that are under 8 grains per pound of draw weight. There are no such limits with Bearpaw bows.

Bow limbs: We are using maple wood as the core of the laminate of this series. This material guarantees above average performance and we have been using it in all of our bow series for over 5 years. For the finish we have decided to use a shade of olive that is optically appealing which we have also used on other bows such as the Redman, Big Bear and the Viper.


Wallpaper “Bodnik Bows – Hawk” Ratio 16:10

Wallpaper “Bodnik Bows – Hawk” Ratio 4:3

Hawk Wallpaper - Bodnik Bows - Bearpaw

All around we have been able to produce a high end bow at an affordable price for everyone. With respect to the technical data about the pull diagram and the speed
measurements the data speaks for itself.

*This bow will be offered for 528 Euros*

*As an introductory offer for orders placed before ……… we will be offering a 10% discount.*

When it comes to recurve bows the Hawk is Henry Bodnik’s first choice.




Hawk Auszugsdiagramm