The Henry Bodnik Signature Stick

instinct-1Grizzly Jim is well known around the world because of his passion for instinctive archery. In the UK he is nearly a household name – all the instinctive archers there know about him. His excellent instinctive shooting archery video clips are quite popular – they’re ‘clicked’ and watched all over the world.

Whenever Grizzly Jim and Henry Bodnik meet at a traditional archery shooting event, their scores are always very close, providing a neck and neck race to the coveted number one position at the end of the tournament. There’s always plenty of good shooting and strong competition.hbgj

A few months ago Grizzly Jim got the fire to order a special bow for himself. He was impressed with the beautiful lines, the outstanding performance, the exotic wood, and the brilliant take down system of the Henry Bodnik Signature Stick – not to mention the full 30-year warranty! So he decided to order one.

Grizzly Jim was quite excited when his Henry Bodnik Signature Stick package arrived and was ready to take it out for its first test! He made a short video of himself unboxing his new bow and we have included it below for you to see so you can share his excitement and his first impressions.

Greetings from Germany Grizzly Jim. From Henry Bodnik and the entire Bearpaw Products team – have a lot of fun and success with your new Henry Bodnik Signature Stick!

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