The legendary “Henry Bodnik`s Kill Tournament”

Kill_2.1Henry Bodnik is currently in Weststeiermark, to hold the 1st Kill tournament in Austria . But what is actually behind the legendary Kill tournaments of Henry Bodnik?

Kill_1The origins of today’s 3D tournaments can be found in the preparation of the bow hunters for hunting. Over time the current tournament with 3D animals evolved from this preparation. In the beginning these shots were designed to complete all the possible excessive positions and situations of bowhunting. The difficulties here are not in the distance to the target but in the firing position, the conditions of the terrain and shooting without perfect posture.

Kill_5The shooting situation can often force you out of optimal posture or position when in a real hunting situation. Shots outside the vital zone have serious consequences and should not be risked. Using his experience in bow hunting and his urge to create interesting and challenging shots Henry Bodnik designed his “Kill Tournament” as a competition for archers.

Henry`s “Kill Tournament” has a taste of adventure and bowhunting.

Kill_4“Many archers are afraid of my scoring system! And yet the manner in which point are recorded does not matter. At the end what counts is that a result is achieved. Every archer has the same opportunities, its a level playing field. This is not about super fast arrow flight but about shooting an arrow with precision! Sometimes the pressure can overwhelm even some of the top shooters! I always try to construct the tournament shooting situations to the advantage of the Instinctive Archer. Im not a fan of system Shooting! Aiming using the arrow point, the sight window or indeed other abstract target systems is legitimate but not part of my philosophy. Instinctive Archery is also much simpler and more direct if one knows how it works and how to train for it properly.

In previously tournaments we managed to create many of these shots. We had in the tournaments a feeling that I have always considered the “Bowhunter feeling”!

In my tournaments only the “Killzone” of the 3D target results in + points. What is outside of the “killzone” are rated as minus points. How can you evaluate a kill in the rear of a 3D animal when the actual result of the shot could be, depending on the target size, 20 to 50cm from the actual “desired results”! In most tournaments these shots do score points but I would not rate this as a hit. It is all about getting your shot in this so called “Kill” zone.

For my tournaments, to enable a clean and safe shot, we have maximum shooting distances that are below 30 meters. Smaller 3D targets are quite near at distances of 4 to 8 meters while the big stuff is set from 20 to 28 meters. (Henry Bodnik)


Michael Wagner (Bogensport beim Holzmichl)

On day 1 we shoot two arrows per 3D animal and both arrows count. Hits in the Kill area score 10 points and hits outside the kill incure a 2 point penalty.

On the second day only 1 arrow is shot. On this Hunter round an arrow is evaluated with 20 points within the Killzone while a “body blow” incures 5 penalty points.

Complete misses are always counted as zero points.


Zusammen mit der Mannschaft von This weekend, Together with the team of Michael Wagner (Bogensport beim Holzmichl), Henry Bodnik presents the 1st Kill tournament in Austria. Each and every position he sets himself and gives them his very own signature.

To date the Kill Tournaments from Henry Bodnik have been held in the following countries:

Germany, Romania, Sweden, Brazil and Austria.
For 2017 Henry Bodnik will also launch kill Tournaments in the United Kingdom and Spain!


Are you ready for the Adventure?

Kill Tournament from Henry Bodnik