The Longlife Targo monster is on the loose

The targo monster was created by Heinz Körner, the comic artist who has also drawn Fix and Foxi and Yps. Christian Simeoni has implemented this new concept together with Longlife and brought it to life. The Targo monster opens up new ways and a very different perspective. We at Bearpaw believe that together with Longlife and Christian Simeoni we are starting the success story of this unusual 3-D target.

We love the Targo monster!

Targo Monster Bearpaw Simeoni 3d targets 3D Ziele

Similarly, another new 3-D animal has come into the Longlife family. The wolverine convinces with its extremely lifelike appearance to the last detail. The Longlife foam is a proven guarantee for the above-average life expectancy of all Longlife targets.

Both targets are already available in the Bearpaw shop.

Bearpaw Longlife Vielfraß 3D targets 3D Ziele

And if you are interested in the appearance of these two new Longlife targets on a 3-D parcours, just watch Bearpaw New No. 7 – it’s in German, but you’ll certainly get a good look at the two new ‘goodies’.