The Mohawk Will Come Out on July 30th

Discussed and longingly expected.

The Mohawk has completely broken up our time frame in development. With regard to our great warranty of 30 years, we had to perform extensive testing before the launch of the takedown Mohawk. This is the only way we can guarantee the extraordinary properties of our Bodnik Bows.

After all, Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik personally guarantee a 30 years lifespan for each Bodnik Bow
Warranty conditions for the Bodnik Bows can be found here: Bodnik Bows 30 years Warranty

1. Dry Firing Tests
We have performed dry firing tests for many bows. Time and again we have analyzed the glueing of woods and optimized it with high quality Mycarta. Newly developed Bodnik Bows must be able to compensate a maximum of energy to ensure their great performance. In the first test series, we still found significant shortcomings in detail.

“Some of the handles broke in the empty shot test.” Our Mohawk limbs have performed uniquely in these tests. Not a single pair of limbs was damaged in the dry firing tests. Some limbs have survived more than 200 dry firing tests. After all, we also had to test the handles.

2. Max Draw Test
In a maximum draw test we burden our limbs over charge and pull them out to well over 35 inches. We want to find the comfort zone and test the resilience of the limbs. There is no extension limit for any Bodnik Bow.

“For a bow laminated with fiberglass a draw limit is absolute nonsense,” A bow layered with glass that is made ​​properly cannot be destroyed by drawing it out. It only leaves its comfort zone.

I am glad to announce to all the fans of Bodnik Bows that the development of the Mohawk is completed. The first Mohawks were delivered to major and renowned experts around the world for testing to gather expert opinions.

On 30 July, the Bodnik Bows Mohawk takedown will go online and can be ordered in our online shop.

As part of the Bearpaw dealer meeting earlier this year we gave the participating Bearpaw dealers the exclusive opportunity to pre-order Mohawk bows. Meanwhile, more than 200 Mohawks have already been sold.

Bodnik Bows Germany has exceeded its own targets by far. Presently, 6 bowyers work at our new production site in Ahorn, Germany and handicraft our Bodnik Bows for you every day. We put our foot to the floor so you don’t have to wait too long!

Proud of achievements that we have made, we look forward to delivering the Mohawk series to you.

We are proud: “Mohawk Multi Takedown Made in Germany“!