The new and awesome Hard Hunter Deluxe

Hard Hunter Deluxe

The Hard Hunter by Bearpaw has been known for a very good entry level bow into traditional archery for many years.
We have set our hand to it anew in order to achieve some major improvements in cooperation with a new manufacturer.

The Hard Hunter Deluxe replaces its predecessor the Hard Hunter!

Not only does the new Hard Hunter Deluxe convince archers in the optical range, but it also impresses with its high quality design. In performance and usability as well, the new version of this great beginners’ bow can stand apart from its predecessor.

Here you can find more information about this great beginners’ bow. (klick here)

Hard Hunter Deluxe

These are the main advantages of the new Hard Hunter Deluxe:
1. The bow’s length of only 60 inches guarantees a soft extraction behavior up to 32 inches.
2. The bow comes with a Bearpaw Products Whisper String and is Fast Flight compatible.
3. The Hard Hunter Deluxe is available in draw weights from 25 to 50 lbs.
4. Its beautiful and heavy handle is designed specifically for shooting over the shelf.
5. The handle of the Hard Hunter Deluxe is equipped with inserts for bow quiver, stabilizer, sight or fish roll.

“An awesome bow at an unbeatable price!”

Hard Hunter Deluxe