The new Anubis hybrid longbow is simply amazing!

anubis2_1Bearpaw Products and the Arrowforge company enjoy a very close working relationship. It’s no wonder that Arrowforge became a Bearpaw Products Gold dealer for 2017.

Together, Lino Coscia of Arrowforge and Henry Bodnik of Bearpaw Products have designed, developed, and are now producing an extraordinary new hybrid longbow called the Anubis. This special bow will be available only from Arrowforge.


Lino Coscia with his Anubis

Arrowforge Anubis
The basic design for the Anubis comes from the very successful Slick Stick and Quick Stick bows currently manufactured by Bodnik Bows. The basic design may be the same, but the advanced materials used in the Anubis for extreme performance will certainly make this powerful bow’s reputation spread all over the world.

The Anubis Riser
The riser of the Anubis is made from solid Mycarta. This gives the bow a special look and – guarantees maximum stability, optimal mass weight, and the ability to eliminate hand shock.

The Anubis Limbs
The limb cores are made from Bearpaw’s powerful bamboo laminate. We utilize this particular material for its ability to store and deliver the maximum energy to your arrows at the shot. Now the best part… What really sets the Anubis above other bows is the unique concept of adding a layer of Stabilcore under the crystal clear Bearpaw Powerglas both on the belly and the back of the bow. This lamination configuration eliminates any lateral twisting of the limbs so the limbs draw back and spring forward in perfect alignment every time – exactly what you want bow limbs to do. In addition, the use of Stabilcore on both belly and back increases the speed of recovery on the limbs which in turn gives you increased speed and performance. The woven carbon of the Stabilcore under the clear fiberglass on both belly and back gives the Anubis a truly noble and unique look! The special design of these limbs are the reason behind the “extreme hard-hitting performance” of the Anubis.

The Anubis is a super bow with super performance!

The Anubis is certainly bow “Eyecandy!” An extraordinary and noble looking longbow!


This is what Lino Coscia of Arrowforge has to say about his amazing new Anubis hybrid longbow:

 We are very proud that we were able to work directly with Bearpaw Products to develop such a fantastic product together. The extraordinary result is the crowning glory of our cooperation. We have already received a lot of feedback from customers, who like the look of the bow so much that they want to buy it based on its beauty alone! But what gives us even more pleasure is the enthusiasm of the archers who have already tried the Anubis. Many customers come to us looking for a completely different bow, but once they try a few test shots with an Anubis, that is the bow they take home. At Arrowforge, we have all been testing the Anubis bows. One employee after another was convinced first hand of this bows amazing performance and beautiful look! This is very important feedback for us. Once again, Bearpaw Products have done an excellent job working with us to produce the Anubis longbow – a true super bow. “Lino Coscia (Arrowforge)

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The Anubis can only be obtained from Arrowforge


Carina Coscia with her Anubis