The new Archery Super Glue by Bearpaw

Bearpaw Super Kleber Super Glue

Most adhesives that are used in the world of archery contain solvents and are problematic regarding their use in confined spaces without air conditioning. Unambiguous warnings about this fact can be found at least on the adhesives manufactured in Europe. Until now, it has also been necessary to use several adhesives to complete an arrow. For carbon in contrast to wooden arrows as well as natural feathers, nocks, inserts and plastic fletches different adhesives had to be used.

Together with a German agglutinate produer, we have solved both problems now.

In the future, Bearpaw Products will offer the new Bearpaw Archery Super Glue: a single adhesive for almost all processes in the field of archery.

What can the new Super Glue do:
1 Fletching of aluminum, carbon and wooden arrows with natural feathers;
2 Fletching of aluminum, carbon and wooden arrows with plastic fletches;
3 Fletching of natural feathers and plastic fletches on arrow wraps;
4 Adhesive bonding of inserts and tips in carbon and aluminium arrows;
5 Sticking nocks on cones of aluminum and wooden arrows.

The biggest advantage, however, is that the adhesive is non-hazardous to health. Since the Bearpaw Archery Super Glue contains no solvents, it can safely be used even in confined areas. There are no harmful and irritating vapors.

Bearpaw Super Kleber Super Glue

The new adhesive is a contact adhesive and bonds within 3 seconds. The fletching of arrows will be so much faster in the future. One must, however, ensure that the feather or plastic fletch is pressed firmly to the surface, so that the fletching has contact.

In turn Bearpaw Products will not sell most of the solvent-based adhesives any more. Only our 2-component adhesive is still necessary to glue tips on wooden arrows. One needs a filling glue for this task to completely fill empty spaces and tolerances.

On Thursday, 22nd August, 2013, we will publish a new episode of Bearpaw News about the exact use and the various applications of our new glue.

Your health is important to us!

Bearpaw Super Kleber Super Glue