The new armguard “Pure”

We immediately liked the leather of this guard. It has such a natural and pure wrought feel! That is why we have called this guard the Pure“. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find names for armguards and quivers. With this one we found that the name “Pure” fitted perfectly.

In addition the functionality and the price also fits perfectly with the natural look and design.

Tim Cosgrove from Kustom King Archery in the US dug an armguard out especially to show Henry Bodnik during their last meeting. Looking completely used up and on its last legs somehow this was his best armguard! In short, that is the whole story behind how the armguard Pure was concieved.

Ah yes, the Armguard Pure is available for a laughable 24 Euro!


The look of the natural leather is subtle and clean. The simple design of this armguard sets it apart and makes it stand out from the crowd. The elastic fixings allow for individual adjustment and therefore a perfect fitment on any arm. It goes without saying that we have chosen the colour to perfectly complement its natural looks.

A natural looking armguard for the purist!!!

  • Leather: Bearpaw leather
  • Colour: Natural leather
  • Length: 18,5 cm

The Armguard Pure is available at all good Bearpaw dealers or directly from us via the Bearpaw Shop.

Link Armschutz Pure