The New Bearpaw Shop is Now online

Bearpaw_OnlineThankfully, Bearpaw Products is back online!!!

The new Bearpaw Products online Shop went live at around 19:00 on 28.Sept and is back in action. Our customers can now once again make their orders online.

During the time that the shop was offline we have undertaken a very extensive software update. In addition to that the store structure and navigation has completely changed to enable you to find the right products quicker and to be able to see everything much clearer.

We took on the task of restructuring our Bearpaw Shop to offer a much more user friendly experience.


We have included lots of pictures within the structure of the shop to improve clarity and hope that you like the new set up of our Bearpaw Shop. Our employees have worked hard and invested a lot of time and enthusiasm in this project to make sure the software was as good as possible for the new shop and its software updates.


We hope that all of the new features work perfectly and you like our improved Bearpaw Online Shop.

Work_OnlinshopWe hope you enjoy browsing in our new Bearpaw Online Shop

Direct Link to the New Bearpaw Shop