The new Bodnik Bows Horseman is here!!!!


We always believed there was room for improvement with our 3 Horsebows. The Horsebow, Horsebow Deluxe and the Horsebow Express have been part of our product range for many years. The small but powerful bow has found many fans amongst archers. All of the different models were 48” long and were really only comfortable to draw up to around 27”.

With the new Horseman we have now developed  a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and very responsive horsebow!

Our Horseman bow is a connoisseur of horsebow design. With a length of 52” this bow guarantees that even drawn to 31” it remains smooth and soft. The red riser of heavy Bubinga allows the Horseman to always provide a solid yet forgiving shooting experience. Through the use of an integrated shelf the Horseman is suitable for use in many categories of archery.


A horsebow to fall in love with!

  • Bow Length: 52 inches
  • Comfortable draw: up to 31 inches
  • Handle: Bubinga
  • Limbs: Olive veneer on maple
  • Tips: Mycarta
  • Bow Weight: 20 – 60 lbs in 5lb increments
  • String: Whisper String (all high performance string types)
  • Brace Height: 6 1/4″
  • Warranty: 30 years Bodnik Bows warranty


Price: 198 Euro

The Horseman is available at all good Bearpaw dealers or direct in the Bearpaw Shop!

Link: Bodnik Bows Horseman