The new Bodnik Bows warranty

Bodnik Bows Garantie

With its new Bodnik Bows warranty, Bearpaw Products sets a new global standard and changes the world of traditional archery. This is unique in the world of traditional archery! To our knowledge, there are no other producers of traditional bows who provide such an extensive warranty.

We guarantee that our Bodnik Bows last for the “life of a bow” (30 years).

There are three important reasons to buy a Bodnik Bow

1. Custom Bow quality
2. Price and performance
3. Bodnik Bows warranty

1. Each of the Bodnik Bows is handcrafted, in quality comparable to any custom made bow. Of course, not every individual bow has the characteristics of a custom bow. But it is made with the same care as a custom made bow. This is why over 99% of all Bodnik Bows produced since 2011 are still in use by our customers.

2. Even the most inexpensive Bodnik Bow profits from our experience and passion. The work of its limbs and the performance of the bow have all the features expected of a good bow. This is how we refine our bows to tools of precision.

3. The Bodnik Bows warranty has an international reputation and is considered one of the best in the world.

But now we are improving it dramatically!

We guarantee for all our Bodnik Bows to last for the “life of a bow”.
We do this fully and comprehensively.
With Bodnik Bows the “life of a bow” lasts 30 years.

The exact contents of the warranty will be published in detail on our blog under the heading Bodnik Bows later this week. Our guarantee applies to 100% on the bow because our quality has nothing to do with the owner of the bow. Our guarantee also applies to subsequent owners of Bodnik Bows and does not lose its validity for 30 years. The choice of material and the weight of the used arrows do not limit our guarantee. We are proud of the quality and efficiency of our Bodnik Bows.

The Bodnik Bows warranty is revolutionary for traditional bows.

Bodnik Bows Garantie