The Penthalon Speed Nock is online

Penthalon Speed Nocke

As we had previously reported, as far as possible it is important for us to produce here in Germany. Here we can best monitor the quality and the manufacturing process of our products.

We would like to you to see the latest pictures which show the production of our nocks in Germany. We have completed the tooling and now produce all our Bearpaw nocks in Germany.


On this photo you can see the entire injection molding tool. The tool is of a steel construction and has also been designed and built by one of our German partners.


The machining is able to take different inserts so that we can make our all of out nocks according to German quality standard . We are extremely proud that we were able to achieve this level of quality together with our partners.

Bearpaw Nocks made in Germany

Bearpaw Traditional Nock
Penthalon Speed Nock
Penthalon Slim Line Nock
Heavy Hunter Nock

100% Made in Germany


Our new Penthalon Carbon shafts have been a complete successful story throughout the world of archery. In particular our robust and accurate Penthalon Hunter Extreme has impressed many archers. It is for this reason that we have also produced the Penthalon Speed Nocks for this carbon shaft first. We already have all the colors in stock and can exclusively deliver our speed nocks in German quality. Here is a little information about our new speed nocks for Carbon Arrows.

Penthalon Speed Nock
Weight: 11,8 gn

Colours: White, Black, Yellow, Fl. Green, Fl. Orange, Fl. Red, Transparent
Diameter: .245
Application: For all Penthalon Traditional Series shafts, Penthalon Hunter Extreme and also most Easton Shafts


The Penthalon Speed Nocks are available in all good Bearpaw dealers or directly from us via the Bearpaw Shop.

Link to Penthalon Speed Nocks

I personally shoot and only trust my own Speed Nocks. After all, they are 100% Made in Germany!
(Henry Bodnik)