The Penthalon Traditional Timber shafts are coming!


We were determined that our Penthalon Traditional Timber had a wood finish that looked as natural as possible. The design needed to be just right but it was no easy task!

We considered many options!
We debated and discussed!
We accepted no compromises!

It really wasn’t easy to do justice to our ideas. At the end of the day Henry Bodnik had give these carbon shafts his seal of approval! The new shafts from the Penthalon Traditonal series are his own personal project after all. He has succeeded in realizing carbon shafts which correspond exactly to his ideas. The Penthalon Hunter Extreme arrows which Henry shoots are on everyone’s lips and have made a huge impact in the archery community. The Penthalon Hunter Extreme is extremely robust and effective!

Penthalon Hunter Extreme (2)

  • No compromise in looks
  • Incredible durability
  • Weight and technical data matched to exacting tolerances

…And we’ve done it!

We are all overjoyed and we really love the look of this new design. Now this much sought after carbon shaft is being produced in a stunning wood finish that will be available very soon.

Penthalon Traditional Timber


Penthalon Traditional Timber Spine 350, 10.43 gpi
Penthalon Traditonal Timber Spine 400, 9,89 gpi
Penthalon Traditional Timber Spine 500, 8,52 gpi
Penthalon Traditonal Timber Spine 600, 7,52 gpi
Penthalon Traditonal Timber Spine 800, 6,82 gpi

All shafts full 32″ long and perfectly spined!

In this diameter 800 spine are available only from Bearpaw with the Penthalon Traditional Series and Hunter Extreme!
Additionally super stable in black, bamboo and timber !

Traditional Timber coming soon!
The Penthalon Traditional Timber available from the Bearpaw Shop or any well stocked Bearpaw dealer from the end of February.