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The rattlesnake is coming!

At the request of our customers, we have extended the offer of our arrow wraps with the rattlesnakes decorum. This quality cresting beautifies your arrow and gives it your personal touch.


What exactly is such an arrow wrap?

Ratllesnake arrowArrow crestings or wraps are usually made of a thin plastic film. To attach it to their arrow, one doesn’t need any special skill.

“That’s really simple!”

Some time ago, we published a video on how to attach a cresting to your arrows in a series of Archery Basics for you. Below you’ll find a link in case you want to watch how to personalize your arrow with an arrow wrap.

Many archers in loving and complex manual work paint the tail of their arrows. These arrows have their individual feel and reflect the archer’s taste with a painted cresting. For this, however, one needs a lot of patience and manual dexterity.Carbon arrows limit the possibility of painting due to their material.

For several years now, arrow crestings have been used in the production of individual arrows. Many arrow manufacturers today have a variety of crestings to create customized arrows. There is a vast variety of colors and designs. In some countries, hardly any arrows are made without this individualization anymore.45001



he crestings of Bearpaw Products are used by many arrow builders and archery dealers to make of special and individual customers’ arrows.

Click here to go directly to the Bearpaw crestings.

Bearpaw Arrow Wraps

We have now extended our offer with the exotic rattlesnake design. We are sure that this particular design will find many followers.