Finding a Solution to Heat and Delaminating Bows

Hot cars can kill your bow!

Never leave your bow strung in a hot car – it can delaminate.

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Delamination_1 (2)

We use quality commercial heat-cured adhesives for all Bodnik Bows. The problem is, if that bow ever gets heated to a temperature higher than it was when it was cured on the bow form, the adhesive can fail.

If you leave a laminated bow strung in a hot car or truck, chances are very good that it will be damaged.

Bodnik bows are sold all over the world and we normally hear about the occasional delamination from hot countries like: Spain, Brazil and Thailand. It is obvious that the problem is more about keeping the bows out of excessive heat than a problem in manufacturing, but still we want to make our bows as perfect as possible. We want you to trust your Bodnik Bow!

Always protect your Bodnik bow – any laminated bow –  from excessive heat.

To make our bows the best in the world we always look for ways to improve them. To resolve the delamination issue we tested our bows by subjecting them to extreme temperatures and humidity in our climatic exposure test cabinet.

clima_controlled_areaWe Tested:
Several of the best commercial heat cured adhesives
Unique adhesive mixtures
Various finishes on the glass and wood laminations
Heating bow materials from 113 – 226 degrees Fahrenheit (45 to 108 degrees Celsius)

In the testing we subjected strung Mohawk and Slick Stick bows to these temperature and humidity extremes. 
Test Results:
Our original methods of laminating and gluing our bows showed the least desirable results.
The failure rate was more than we could bear. Our testing isolated the problem, now we had to find a solution. 

 Finding a solution to this problem!

Through diligent testing and innovative problem solving we have found the solution with a unique mixture ratio and a completely new glue. 

Now even with temperatures of 226 degrees Fahrenheit (106 degrees Celsius) the bows do not delaminate. 
Even dry firing the bows and various other stress tests we subjected them to right after removing them from the testing chamber did not damage them. 

Test_2 (2)Maximum draw torture test of 40 inches!!

Extreme bending test of Mohawk limbs

Heating_test_extremeOur test results helped us to implement the following changes for building Bodnik bows: 

1. A new glue with more durability a greater resistance to hot and extremely hot temperatures. 
2. A new mixture ratio and mixing procedure of the glue for optimum holding strength. 
3. Exclusive use of Bearpaw Power Glass in all Bodnik Bows to guarantee  maximum durability. Other glass laminates just could not hold as well as our BearPaw Power Glass.


The_Gathering_3Here at Bearpaw Products & Bodnik Bows,we promise to never stand still.

We are always working to make our products the best you can get anywhere. When you see the mark of BearPaw Products or Bodnik Bows, you know these are products you can trust. We stand behind them always. 

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