The Whisper String becomes the standard for all Bodnik Bows

Bearpaw Bodnik Whisper String

The Whisper String convinces with the 1st shot: Whisper String – The Super String

Worldwide, the features of the Bodnik Whisper String are seen as absolutely unique and magnificent. Archers and bow hunters alike are excited about this wonderful string. Within two months more than 2000 Whisper Strings were produced in and delivered from our Bearpaw manufactory. Even Pete Ward, who is considered one of the foremost experts on the North-American continent, is enthusiastic about our Whisper String.
He has clearly documented his opinion in his reviews of our Bodnik Bows. Further information can be found on his internet blog:

Why should any powerful bow only be shot with a Whisper String?

  • The Whisper String makes your Fast Flight Bow super silent
  • The Whisper String brings out a super Fast Flight performance in your bow
  • The Whisper String protects your bow and extends its lifespan

As of 1st August 2012 all Bodnik Bows are supplied with a Whisper String as a standard.
This is the logical consequence of our experience with the Bodnik Whisper String.

Bodnik Whisper String: number of strands

  • Bows up to 40 lbs: 8 strand Whisper String
  • Bows from 41 lbs: 10 strand Whisper String

The new thicker Bearpaw center string guarantees a secure fit of most standard nocks.

Whisper String – The Super String

Below you can find our new wallpaper of the Whisper String for your desktop background:

Wallpaper Whisper String Girl – Seitenverhältnis 16:10
Bearpaw Bodnik Whisper String Archery Girl