The Wretched Problem with the Wooden Spines

IMG_9484 (2)We have had a lot of problems with spine values of wooden shafts for years. Just when we think everything is working and we can get exactly the spine values that customers need, Mother Nature gives us a good kick in the butt.

Currently Bearpaw Products is missing more than 7000 spruce shafts 11/32 diameter in spine value for 40 -45 lbs. Customers wait and we cannot promise any delivery date.

For spruce shafts in 5/16 diameter in spine values under 30 lbs we are missing approximately the same amounts. Again, we cannot currently predict delivery dates.

Of course that was not always so! About 6 months ago we were almost drowning in wooden shafts with spine values under 30 lbs. But we lacked shafts in diameter 5/16 with spine values over 40 lbs. Today we have no problems whatsoever in these spine values. We can easily deliver wooden shafts 11/32 with spine values up to 100 lbs.


This state both bugged and motivated Henry Bodnik.

There had to be a solution!

To solve this problem, we intensely dealt with the topic of spruce shafts in the last few weeks.

The core problem we could locate is the purchase of raw materials. But the manufacturing process of wooden shafts also showed some issues that had us more than surprised.

IMG_9481We were able to identify some important points that have brought us a huge step closer to the solution of this problem. Discussions with the proper professionals have helped us to obtain important information.


Location and position of the annual rings in the raw materials are an essential starting point for a wooden arrow in A quality. A few essential characteristics of arrow shafts are influenced by these important characteristics. Spruce, along with cedar, is in our experience the most suitable arrow material. The technical characteristics of our spruce shafts are comparable to those of cedar shafts in every way.

Stabilizing behavior, stability and flight behavior of spruce arrows are excellent. In addition, arrows made of spruce are especially popular with tournament archers due to their light weight.

Who does not like a very flat trajectory!

We will report here at this point about the progress of our work.

We are on the way!

IMG_9484Direct link to our Bearpaw spruce shafts