Traditional Ibex hunt in Spain with Florentin Garcia

IMG_4094 (2)Florentin Garcia is one of the most well known names in Spain when it comes to bow hunting with traditional bows. Ever sinceĀ Henry Bodnik visited Florentin in Spain last year they have discovered much that they have in common. He was absolutely thrilled when he tested Henry Bodniks Mohawk Chief and was completely blown away with the performance. Hunting with traditional bows follows one of the finest and most original styles of hunting. But at the same time it is also one of the most difficult and least successful ways to hunt. It requires much more than just a perfect shot. Stalking unnoticed through natural habitat and merging with your surroundings are skills that not everyone can adapt to. Hunting with bow and arrow is just as indispensable in the field of archery as 3D shooting is to the world of our sport.

Of course, our powerful bows are used in many places around the world for bow hunting . Via this English language blog we hope to give you an insight into the world of bowhunting.

It goes without saying that we are very proud that Florentin Garcia uses a Mohawk Chief with hybrid limbs and our Penthalon Hunter Extreme Carbon arrows!

We are also extemely proud that Florentin Garcia uses the German Jager Jagdspitzen for his hunting adventures!

The following video shows images and scenes from the bow hunting!
At this point we recommend that anyone who is anti-bow hunting stops here and does not watch the video! We will not engage in any policy discussions on neccesity, accuracy or any of the other various facets of bowhunting.

We realize that some are opposed to bow hunting and we understand your point of view…

Florentin Garcia says that the Mohawk Chief with Hybrid limbs is a perfect hunting bow.

Highly powerful , precise and quiet.

Link to the Mohawk Chief Hybrid