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Trainers In Instinctive Archery

From 27th to 29th September, a training I in Instinctive Archery to place in Rossach. A total of 19 students have received that skills to work as a trainer, event manager and course provider for the instinctive art of archery within the 3 days training course. For more than 3 years now the Archery Academy has offered training and has already sent more than 100 coaches into the clubs and the archery scene.

Archery Academy

The aim of the Archery Academy and its training is to ensure a correct and high quality teaching style in Instinctive Archery. Interested archers in all of Europe are taught to understand and apply the techniques of Instinctive Archery. For this purpose, a network of qualified instructors and trainers is necessary. In Germany, a wide-area network of trainers of the Archery Academy is already available. Outside the borders of Germany there are already many coaches of the Archery Academy at work and teach in accordance with the guidelines of the Archery Academy. For more information on the program of the Archery Academy, please visit:

Archery Academy

Important principles of this training are taught in a clear and understandable way:
What is Instinctive Archery?
How does Instinctive Archery work?
How do I train Instinctive Archery?
Technical backgrounds, training, planning, and material knowledge.

Archery Academy

We are pleased to congratulate the following coaches for the completion of the 3-day training:
Lutz Heinemann
Hans-Jürgen Noske
Steffen Albrecht
Klaus Schmidt
Martin Barth
Carola Helmreich
Silke Cemetery
Jan-Hendrik Landefeld
Thomas Schallmo
Karl – Heinz Bauer
Klaus – Dieter Knapp
Marcel Schriber
Theo Grünewald
Markus Schäfer
Christian Pösse
André Klinger
Olaf Ilgenstein
Martin Pöstinger