Trainerseminar in Holland

Perry (2)
Perry van Ravenstein has completed successfully the  1 and 2 successfully completed his trainer at the Instinctive Archery Academy of Henry Bodnik. Meanwhile, he has been able to establish the trainer system in Holland and replicates successfully the basics of the Instinctive Archery Academy. Below you can get more information about his next seminar to become a trainer in Instinctive Archery.
Earlier this year, Perry van Ravenstein from the “Back To Bowhunting Academy” organized a by the the NHB (Dutch Archery association) commissioned trainers course traditional / instinctive archery. All this according to the pricipe and methods of the instinctive Archery Academy! Result: 14 enthusiastic trainers who are also skilled in instinctive archery area at this time!
Many questions from Flanders and the Netherlands to provide this trainig followed for non NHB trainers. To this is now given a sequel! So anyone with a good knowledge and expertise in this area with the aim to provide training in this area should sign up. On 5 and 6 September