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Two Ravens in Spain

2 Raven in Spain

This was the “slogan” of my recentvisit to Spain. At a meeting with Henry, I suggested to visit Emma Martinez and Josep Barceló in Barcelona. I have known these two ” crazy ” Spaniards for a long time and wanted to deepen the friendship. Emma is very well known in Spain for her warmth and love of instinctive archery. At her side as a mentor is Josep Barceló, highly regarded, an “old fox ” and expert on the bow scene in Spain. For decadeshe has been a coach there and point of contact for many Spanish archers.

2 Raven in Spain

After a “cultural program” through Barcelona with Emma, we went to Mataró, 30 kilometers to the north. Mataró, rather an industrial city, along with great food and drink (vino tinto) is known as a stronghold for instinctive archery in Spain.

This becomes pretty clear, when, upon driving into the city, one sees the giant statue of “Laia, la Arquera ” – Laia, the archess.
So it immediately suggested itself to strife through the beautiful grounds of T.E.M. (Tir Esportiu Mataró) on both their great 2D and 3D parcours.
As a gift for Emma, I took a customized Raven Longbow with me.

2 Raven in Spain

The bow was specially crafted by Christoph Unger according to my wishes and with the signature ” Emma’s Raven”. This was of course directly sponsored by Henry, who backs Emma and Josep and has promised to support “Instinctive Archery ” in Spain with further actions.

Henry and I have for some time pulled together, with the aim to promote “Instinctive Archery” and establish this lifestyle worldwide.

2 Raven in Spain

2 Raven in Spain