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The Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Austria is legendary!

IMG_5401On the 11th and 12th of August the 3rd Bearpaw Kill tournament held in Austria takes place in Styria. There are already 120 spots reserved and our tournament is limited to 150 participants so sign up soon!

Registration for the 3rd Kill Tournament in Austria

After last year’s event we came up with some pretty good ideas on how we could make the shoot even better! Hopefully we can implement these new ideas into the torunament this year. Of course Henry Bodnik will once again set up some very special shooting scenes and situations to give you that ‘feeling’ of actually bowhunting.

Not a single shot distance will be more than 28 meters. But Henry Bodnik will create special life-like hunting scenes out of every single shot situation.

Many an archer is desperate for a shot at a boar at a distance of only 15 meters!

After all, it’s time to hit the kill!!

Because only arrows that hit the kill will add any points to your score and it will take a lot of points for your chance to participate in the finals.

At the finals, the three best archers will once again receive prize money of 900 euros.


Below you will find the announcement with all the details of the 3rd Bearpaw Kill tournament to be held in Austria.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

This Kill Tournament  always has a very special atmosphere, which is certainly due to the many enthusiastic archers who attend from Austria and who make this tournament possible with their dedicated participation.

Registration for the 3rd kill tournament AustriaKillturnieraustria_2Michael Wagner, together with his team and Henry Bodnik will make sure that our 3rd Kill tournament in Austria will – once again – be a very special tournament for you!

Registration for the 3rd kill tournament Austria


We look forward to seeing you there!

Henry Bodnik, Michael Wagner and the members of  Archery of Holzmichl

Registration for the 3rd kill tournament Austria