Video: Bearpaw Parcours Test Episode 1

The first episode of our new series “Bearpaw Parcours Test” is here! In this new series, we visit especially beautiful 3D parcours in Germany for you and then evaluate these according to our own subjective experiences and criteria. In this way you can get a first impression of a 3D parcours, you have wanted to visit for a long time or even get to know parcours, which you hadn’t known at all.

Accompany Sandra in the known “Feel the Spirit”-style through the wonderful ‘Waldläufer’ parcours. Not only will there be good shots in this video series, though, there will also be a lot of information about the 3D course. But enough talking – now I’ll let moving pictures speak and wish you lots of fun and great entertainment in the first episode of “Bearpaw Parcours Test”.