Video Review of the Bearpaw Nightfire Nock

1492623013Our popular Bearpaw Nightfire Nocks are back in stock and are now being shipped to many countries around the world.

Today we would like to share with you this nice video review by Simon Bode. Simon has tested our Bearpaw Nightfire Nocks inside and out and he created this video to share his impressions of our bright, easy to use, lighted nocks.

“Many thanks to you Simon Bode for testing our Nightfire Nocks and for producing this informative and fun video. I enjoyed the show!”
Henry Bodnik

Enjoy this fun video review of our Bearpaw Nightfire Nocks!

Here is some information on our Bearpaw Nightfire Nocks

The Bearpaw Nightfire Nock really lives up to it’s name! When you shoot one you’ll know what we mean – there’s a bright fire of light inside! Instantly – when you shoot the switch engages and the intense light comes on, greating a visible path of light all the way to your target. If you are an archer that has occasion to shoot early in the mornging or as night is falling – you should have Bearpaw Nightfire Nocks on your arrows!

  • Colors: Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green
  • Packaged: 3 Nightfire Nocks per package.
  • Fits In: Penthalon shafts, Easton shafts, Carbon Express shafts and any other shafts with an internal diameter of .0245″

Inside the Nightfire Nocks there is a small switch which is physically activated when the arrow is released. To turn the switch back to the off position simply use the small screwdriver that comes with your nocks, the tip of a field point, the tip of a knife, or anything else that will fit in the side opening on the side of the nock. This nock is so easy to use – and so bright!

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