Video – Testing German Jager Broadheads

Bowhunters around the world are familiar with the German Jager broadheads manufactured by Bearpaw Products. These bowhunters have found that the design, strength, and superior flight characteristics of the German Jagers have performed reliably in the difficult situations that occur while bowhunting. Henry Bodnik himself designed these broadheads in cooperation with successful North American bowhunters. He has personally taken big game in the field with the 175 grain version of the German Jager Broadheads.

We would like to thank Bryan for the following detailed test of our broadheads. Bryan is the Canadian bowhunter who sent us this nice video review.

Enjoy the following video review of our German Jager Broadheads!

Our German Jager broadheads were developed by German technicians in cooperation with bowhunters in North American. The end result is a superior line of broadheads that offer maximum penetration. The German Jager was tested by Henry Bodnik and by other bowhunters in the USA and Canada – bowhunting under the most severe and challenging conditions. We are quite proud of our broadheads and the fact that we were able to perfect them through our German design expertise coupled with the feedback of our North American bowhunters in the field. The manufacturing of our German Jager broadheads is carried out by our American partner.

  • Available Weights: 100 grs., 125 grs., 145 grs., 175 grs. and 200 grs.
  • Blade Material: 440 C Stainless
  • Ferrule Material: 7076 T6 Aircraft -Aluminum
  • Hardness: Rockwell C 54 – 56
  • Units Per Package: 3 German Jager Broadheads

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