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Visit at Ola Klapbakken in Vinstra Norway and the company Trad Bow Norge

Ola Klapbakken is the owner of the company Trad Bow Norge and the most known Archery dealer for traditional Archery in Norway. The Bearpaw Team has made a a quick stop at Ola at the return trip to the ferry ship in Oslo, in order to visit its long-time friend and dealer personally at his shop and parcours. One can say that this parcours of Trad Norge in Vinstra is really worth a trip. It is very interesting parcours in a hilly landscape and Ola has mastered here his skills with a diversified challenge for archers. On that every year several competitions for archery hunting will be held and nothing comparable is seen in Norway. More then one hour our arrows were flying her and surly our fun was guaranteed.




Then we visited Ola’s shop and exchanged a lot of Ideas and experiences. The different bows, handmade arrows and many useful parts around the traditional archery and its community can be found there. It is a really very well sorted shop indeed. For Bearpaw Products is was particular from interest that we are the most important source of Ola and that we are in a solid position in that market!




„ I know virtually all traditional Archers in Norway“ – this is the key note from Ola and express his position in that scenes. His girlfriend Nina has in the same house a very need pottery and produces wonderful art work like coffee pots and so forth. Certainly a view worth for people who are interested in there! On her homepage you can get and deep impression of her work and great skills too.




Traditional Bogenschiessen is also in Norway a growing activity and many people find themselves loving this sport. Interestingly here are many events with historical background showing and explaining the live of the old Norseman. Besides the archery many things of that time will be shown and practiced. This small but really particular scene of almost 2,000 traditional archers has certainly enthused welcomed our movie “Feel the Spirit 12” from Norway. Ola schedules in the near future to expand his shop to be more effective in serving his customers. Bearpaw Products wishes him all the best for him and his family, good luck and always a good shot with his arrows!