Wallpaper Bearpaw Feather Cutter

We think the Bearpaw Feather Cutter is a perfect combination of functionality and quality materials. We are sure that our Feather Cutter will find its way to the arrow builders and archers in the world of traditional archery. On July, 11th, we will publish detailed images and information on the Feather Cutter here on our blog.

Together with our Bearpaw Girl Susanne we combined grace and beauty in a wonderful combination. We believe that our new wallpaper and thus the Feather Cutter will find its place on many desktops.

Here is our new wallpaper with Susanne and the Bearpaw Feather Cutter:

Wallpaper Feather Cutter:
Bearpaw Feather Cutter Federstanze

Wallpaper Cutting Knives:
Bearpaw Feather Cutter Federstanze