Warning: Cheap Imitations of Our Bodnik Bows

Bodnik Bows Fraud

We know that our Bodnik Bows are popular throughout the world for their quality and performance. We are honored that now bow makers and other manufacturers are trying to promote their own bows with our name.

However, we have to warn the many customers and fans of our Bodnik Bows at this point. Please check the bows offered to you very carefully and also check whether this really is a Bodnik Bow.
Only an original Bodnik Bow will get you the performance and quality you expect.

By one of our English traders we were told that a small volume manufacturer of traditional bows based in Germany is trying to use the brand name of Bearpaw and Bodnik Bows for their own products. This story made the rounds in England, and ultimately ended up with us.

Since one can distinguish a Bodnik Bow easily by its design, quality and appearance, this fraud was noticed immediately. Another customer wanted to claim their warranty in terms of a defective bow and had to recognize that he had become a victim of fraud.

Only with an original Bodnik Bow there is a warranty of 30 years.
For each Bodnik Bow we include the following accessories:
1 Bow Sleeve
1 Whisper String
1 Nock Point
1 Shelf Rest
1 Bodnik Bows Owner’s Manual

Here are a few pictures with which audacity the success of our great bows is tried to be copied in an illegal way.
In case of doubt you can call Bearpaw Products on the phone to make sure not to fall for a brand trickery. Each Bodnik Bow has a serial number on the basis of which it can be unambiguously identified and assigned to us.
Here are a few images of the cheap frauds.

Bodnik Bows are great ( Byron Ferguson )

Bodnik Bows Fraud

Bodnik Bows Fraud