Warrior Arrows Now Also in Spine 700

Warrior Carbon Schäfte 700 Spine Bearpaw

After almost 2 years of development and testing, we can present a great new carbon shaft to you. Our Warrior series with its carbon shafts and carbon arrows has fueled archers for enthusiasm throughout the last year. There is hardly a carbon shaft which can compete in both quality and price.

The famous Gold Tip carbon technology is the basis for this “zinger” carbon shaft.

To produce a carbon shaft in the spine value 700 with a larger outer diameter was no easy task.

“Now we’ve made it.”

From now on the Warrior carbon shafts and carbon arrows are available in the spine value 700.

Warrior Carbon Schäfte 700 Spine Bearpaw

Apart from this news, we today also present you today with our brand new Bearpaw fluorescent arrow wraps. Due to many customer requests, we have integrated the colors fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange into our product range.
We find that with these, beautiful arrows and color combinations can be created. As an important side effect, the new arrow wraps help instinctive archers visualize and analyze the arrow’s flight. Of course, arrows which have gone astray can also be found better.

Warrior Carbon Shafts