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Bogensportshop ToReca | Märische Str. 17 | 76646 Bruchsal-Untergrombach | Visit Website

The company “Bogensportshop ToReca / Thomas-Carl-Bogensport” was founded by Thomas Carl in 2008. At BEARPAW PRODUCTS, we asked ourselves what the “why” was for the foundation: “Archery has made my life more and more important, and I wanted to move from job stress to a job where I could choose what I wanted and with that I was able to inspire many people of all ages. So I was able to give something original to others, or to plant them” (quote Thomas Carl).

How it all started …

It all started in 2008 and you can already see in the “why” of Thomas Carl that he had previously worked in a completely different area. What is the story behind it? Which way did he go? “Originally, I’m from electrical engineering and have been working in a leading position for a long time. However, the development of the company was not that I was satisfied with my life despite good merit. A private life was almost non-existent and there was a real danger that my family might break up. So in 2008 I pulled the ripcord and plunged into the cold water and made my long-time hobby a job. I rented business premises and opened the archery shop ToReCa. Since that moment, I live again and enjoy my job every day. I attended Trainer Courses 1 and 2 at the Archery Academy, trained as a Shooting Sport Director DFBV, and then opened the Bow School, which offers a variety of courses. To date, about 500 archers have gone through this school and many of them are extremely successful archers” (quote Thomas Carl). It is always exciting to hear what courage someone has taken to make such a decision. But who else, besides Thomas Carl, belongs to the company?

  • Michael Seidt (partner) as support for bow building courses as well as events
  • Joachim Burghardt (a very good friend) as support for archery courses

As a loyal BEARPAW dealer you will find the entire BEARPAW “program” in the archery shop ToReca. In addition, other manufacturers of 3D animals (such as Longlife) are available. But that’s not all! You can also visit various courses: courses in wooden arch construction for beginners, advanced, and a special course English Longbows. In addition, courses in traditional archery, for beginners, and advanced, and training as a club coach. Of course you can also contact Bogensportshop ToReca for various company events, children’s birthdays or other events. Did you actually know that the archery shop ToReca is the only archery shop in the Nordic area in germany with a bow school? In addition, Thomas Carl has recently been offered the opportunity to rent a bow cinema. Sounds exciting!

The range offered by the archery shop ToReca is anything but small, so what is the motivation of Thomas Carl? What are the goals? “I want to get as many people excited about this fantastic sport as possible and to guide them on their way to archery” (Quote Thomas Carl). “To bow as long as possible and to pass on the joy of this sport” is what Thomas Carl calls one of his goals.

What we are always particularly interested in by BEARPAW PRODUCTS … To whom is Thomas Carl particularly grateful? “My friend “Popey” through whom I first came to archery and Henry Bodnik, from whom I learned a lot” (Quote Thomas Carl).

Have fun while reading.

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