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Bow-Targets e.K. | Dorfstraße 18 | 89438 Holzheim | Germany| Visit website

The company “Bow-Targets e.K” was founded by Gerd Bechtel in 2007. At BEARPAW PRODUCTS, we asked ourselves what the “why” was for the foundation: “As I stood in the middle of life, firing an arrow for the first time, I instantly got infected. It was the feeling of concentration that lay at the moment of letting go, while the focus lingered on the target. The perception of tension and relaxation led me to the optimal balance. In doing so, I recognized the value of instinctive archery and wanted to share this with all people”(quote Gerd Bechtel).

How it all started …

It all started in 2007 in a 30 m² shop and a 12 ha 3D course. In 2011 it continued: Gerd Bechtel rented in the current business premises of Bow-targets. The archery has learned Gerd Bechtel from Henry Bodnik and has also dealt intensively with the topic of coaching. On a scientifically sound basis, he finally developed the bow-emotion method. Behind the company is, of course, next to Gerd Bechtel, a strong team:

      • Eva Bechtel, chef coordinates the boss and organizes the shop
      • Sascha Bechtel, Juniorchef responsible for marketing, purchasing and training
      • More staff in arrow construction, service as well as training / event

As a distributor Bow-Targets offers the complete BEARPAW program as well as 3D animals of different manufacturers. In addition to the shop, the company also has its own online shop, many seminars, coaching and team building. There is also an exciting 3D archery course. For clubs, they are also the right contact person.

To run a business, there is a lot. So what is the drive of Bow targets? “We see ourselves as a service provider and want to provide advice so that the customer receives the right product for him. Our highest priority is to cultivate a respectful and trusting relationship. Our motto: We love what we do and we want to share this with as many people as possible” (quote Gerd Bechtel). The team has set itself the goal of cultivating a respectful relationship with the people who encounter them in archery.

But what is the unique selling point of Bow-Targets? A clear answer: the bow-emotion method. The training and the archery as well as coaching are offered in combination with this method. If Gerd Bechtel wants to express his thanks to someone, then it seems to be an “endless list”. “I would like to thank all the people who have met me on my bow path since then …” (quote Gerd Bechtel).

Gerd Bechtel continues his business with his company today. In his current training as performance trainer 2 of the Instinctive Archery Academy and his mental training for the “Master Your Mind” he continues his education. The business expansion is also a current highlight.

Enjoy reading.

♥ your BEARPAW team