We introduce – Bowhunter World

We reveal more about a BEARPAW dealer.

BOWHUNTER World | Hermann-Fulle-Straße 1 | 30880 Laatzen | Germany| Visit Website

The company “BOWHUNTER World” was founded by Angelika and Frank Schrader in 2015. At BEARPAW PRODUCTS, we asked ourselves what “why” was for the foundation: “After a burnout, there was a change in my life. Since we do not find much parcours in our region, the course with the adjoining shop should serve as a second mainstay. But we realized quickly that it is more than that and the shop has to get bigger than we thought. Since there are no consulting stores in Hanover apart from Decathlon, we have seized the opportunity and are increasingly making a name for ourselves in the region.” (quote Frank Schrader)

How it all started…

Everything started in 2015 with the foundation on 27.06. The idea was born in 2014 and traditional archery was to become better known in the Hannover region. What was originally intended as a second pillar, was soon something big. After the opening, newspaper reports, radio interviews and a TV report on SAT1 quickly gained notoriety. Since 2017, BOWHUNTER World has attracted more than 10,000 visitors annually to the course. “Of course, this has also increased the requirement for the shop, the support and advice” (quote Frank Schrader) In the case of a dealer who is so successful, of course, there is also a supportive team behind it:

    • Angelika Schrader (Full time next to Frank himself)
    • Rebecca Noack, Kevin Manhard, David Remberg, Angelina Nein und Alexander Darsow (part time)
    • Last but not least: Parcoursdog Teddy!

A success is always a drive or a goal, which motivates one daily. So what is the drive of BOWHUNTER World? What are the goals? “Turning a hobby into a job and providing customers with fun with the job is our motivation. Fairness, good advice, satisfied customers.” Whats about the goals? “To enlarge the course and shop, to become a firm location for trainings and courses and to open a second course.” (quote Frank Schrader)

Who would like to thank Frank Schrader on his way to BOWHUNTER World? “To my wife Angelika, who made everything possible with her enormous support and support, furthermore the city of Laatzen, which fully supports us, and our landlord, Messe AG Hannover, who provides us with the space on very fair terms that everything would not be possible, and of course the customers who are loyal to us and without whom we would not be where we are.” (quote Frank Schrader)
One of the current highlights at BOWHUNTER World is the certification as a BEARPAW dealer. On the other hand, modifications to the course are on. And doing something for the environment is also included: BOWHUNTER World will soon be switching to solar power.
Enjoy reading.