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Bumblebee Archery | Volkmarserstraße 17 | 34466 Wolfhagen | Germany | Visit website

The company “Bumblebee-Archery” was founded by Jutta and Frank Humme on 06.12.2014. At BEARPAW PRODUCTS, we asked ourselves what the “why” is for the founding war: “I am infected with the bow virus and I want to pass on this virus out of passion and infect as many people as possible. To want to know how and why Arrow, bow and Sagittarius fit together and pass on this knowledge is my concern.” (Quote Frank Humme)

How it all started …

Sometimes in life big things start on a small scale. The idea was born at a trainer seminar of the Instinctive Archery Academy. The right premises were quickly revealed in the house next door. In addition to the shop with a workshop and a cozy seating area, there is now also an indoor shooting range there. The courses around the Kugelsburg in Volkmarsen were also a spontaneous thing, where Jutta and Frank Humme could not refuse. Just two months of preparation and then the course had to stand. With 2 people a challenge, but they have mastered it. Bumblebee-Archery will continue to be supported by Jutta and Frank Humme in addition to selected archers who help with events.

What awaits you when visiting Bumblebee-Archery? In the shop you get all the items that a traditional archer needs and of course with the associated advice. Not to forget the big workshop for the arrow construction. In addition, Bumblebee-Archery offers various archery events, both on the public circuit as well as on-site customers. A child and youth training takes place once a week. At the building of Bumblebee-Archery there is a castle, where torchlight parcels are regularly set up in the winter time. Fitting to a tournament takes place. It never gets boring!

To run a business, there is a lot. So what’s the drive of Bumblebee-Archery? “Everyone can learn archery! Meeting is fun, but not everything!” (Quote Frank Humme)
Bumblebee-Archery has set itself the goal of making archery available to the general public and promoting the next generation.

Frank Humme wishes to express his thanks to his wife on the way to Bumblebee-Archery: “To my wife Jutta for her tireless efforts, to the many great ideas and the fact that she drives me again and again.”

Did you know…

… where the idea for the name “Bumblebee-Archery” came from? From “Humme” is always like to make “bumblebee”. What could be better than flying a bumblebee as a target on an arrow and calling the company “Bumblebee-Archery”.

What news is there? On 30. and 31.08.2019 the dragon hunter tournament for children and adolescents takes place. This is a heart’s desire for Bumblebee-Archery.

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