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Der Waldläufer | Bundesstraße 10 | 78166 Donaueschingen | Germany | Visit Website

The company “Der Waldläufer” was founded by Roland Volk in 2009. At BEARPAW PRODUCTS, we asked ourselves what “Why” was for the foundation: “Change in life, away from the engineer in the economy, towards a free design. Archery has long been the hobby of my heart” (Quote Roland Volk)

How it all started …

It all started on December 05, 2009. One thing was clear to Roland Volk: As a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry, he did not want to retire. This was the reason for a great idea, which matured to itself: An archery center. This idea, spiced up with a clean shop concept and a magnificent forest area of ​​almost 100 ha, was then implemented. Roland Volk was 100% self-employed. Who also belongs to the “Der Waldläufer” team? In addition to his wife, Sonja Volk, Roland Volk employs two permanent employees and up to 10 part-time coaches for events, etc. All employees are avid archers themselves!

In addition to the entire BEARPAW product family, you will also find bows from selected architects at the “Waldläufer”. First and foremost is the quality standard. In addition, you get there also 3D animals of almost all manufacturers. In addition to the products, the “Waldläufer” also offers services. These are course courses in instinctive archery as well as events and workshops on this topic. Another and big pillar is the “Bogenschnuppern”. This serves to inspire more and more people successfully for the sport.

To run a business, there is a lot. When asked about his own drive or slogan by Roland Volk, he quotes Mark Twain “People with a new idea are considered as a jerk until the matter has prevailed.” Roland Volk was able to put this thesis into practice. The most important goal is to get other people excited about the idea. “I feel it is an honor of a special kind with our possibilities to establish and enlarge the niche market Instinctive Archery” (Quote Roland Volk)

As a unique feature Roland Volk called min. four pieces: “1. Competent and honest advice in choosing the new bow. 2. All bows of our assortment are also in left hand with us stock. 3. All bows can and must be shot. 4. We build adventure trails of a special kind.

A “Thanks” from Roland Volk to Henry & his team is especially important, because BEARPAW was a great support right from the start. In addition, Roland Volk would like to thank his family, of course, who believed in him and did not consider him a “nut”. “I also thank all customers who have given us their trust and will do so in the future.” (Quote Roland Volk)

The latest highlights at a glance? “The 10th anniversary this year! Connected with that, of course, we are planning various events. We will be organizing a jubilee tournament in autumn / winter. In summer there is a big bonfire meeting with bonfires for all friends of archery. Appointments will be announced.” (Quote Roland Volk)


Have fun while reading.