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We never stand still!

Bearpaw Products

Our recurve bows are becoming more powerful.

The reputation and quality of our recurve bows are legendary.

Now, we are now improving our quality again!

We have again optimized our recurve bows. Starting this week, all Bodnik Bows recurves will have an additional layer of Stable Core in their limbs. Stable Core (Speed Tuff) increases the precision of the limb enormously. The limbs work more precisely and move straight back into their relaxation. This special material is a cross-woven fabric and can be clearly seen as a black stripe in the core of the limbs.

Bearpaw Products

This development is free of costs to our customers.

Only last year we were technically not capable of providing bows under 40 lbs with this high performance material. This option was only reserved for our Speed limbs to optimize their performance.

Only the development in our production technology and of our bowyers have made this quantum leap possible. We have also optimized the shape and mass of the Mycarta tips. In addition to better optics, we have improved the precision work of the limbs.

Bearpaw Products

Important reasons for the use of Stable Core in bows:

1. Limbs are more precise and optimize the performance of the archer
2. Limbs are stiffer, lighter and thus more efficient
3. Better shooting results are possible

You will notice the difference a Bodnik Bow makes with the first shot.

Bodnik Bows are great (Byron Ferguson)

Bearpaw Products