We offer a lot of variety in our Cedar wood arrows!

Rose_City_Archery_Bearpaw_ProductsWhen it comes to wooden arrows most instinctive archers agree – Cedar wood arrows are the king of wooden arrows.

We entered into a special partnership with Rose City Archery so now we can offer you the best premium Port Orford Cedar wood arrows possible in modern times.

We have a large selection of quality cedar wood arrows available online now!

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We now offer from the 24 inch short children’s Cedar arrows up to the 32 inch long standard Cedar wood arrows in all the common spine values and in many attractive variations.


We’re pleased to be able to offer our standard cedar wood arrows in so much variety and at such attractive prices.

Cedar wood arrows for kids

Zedernholzpfeil Set Rainbow Kids und  Rainbow Kids Suction
These cedar wooden arrow sets, the Rainbow Kids and the Rainbow Kids Suction tipped are „Ready to Shoot“ ! These arrows are 5/16 “in diameter, 24 inches long and fitted with either press-on points or suction tips. These arrow set`s (12 arrows per set) come with arrows of the different colors of the rainbow.

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40099-Mood-Blog-Cedar-Arrow-Set-Rainbow-Kids Youth Cedar wood arrows

Youth Cedar wood arrows
These Youth Cedar wood arrows come in a diameter of 5/16 inches and 28 inches long without a spine label. Thses arrows are also “Ready to Shoot” and provided with a press-on tip. All of our youth Cedar wood arrows are provided with an attractive cresting for visual appeal. We offer three colorful variations in our youth Cedar wood arrows!!

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Other varieties of Cedar wood arrows

Cedar wood arrows in Standard 30 inches
„Ready to Shoot“
Our 30″ Cedar wood arrows come ‘ready to shoot’ with; nocks, feathers, and points installed. They are sealed with a high-quality premium paint and come in all the common spine values in diameters of 5/16 and 11/32 inches.

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Zedernholzpfeil-Standard-MoodCedar wood arrows in Standard 32 inches
„The Individualist“
Our 32″ Cedar wood arrows come in diameters of 5/16 and 11/32 inch in all the common spin values. They’re sealed with a high-quality premium paint, feather fletched, and the nocks are installed – but they do not come with points. This allows the end user to customize the arrows with whatever points they prefer.

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