WFAA 3D Championship South Wales

Bearpaw recently had the opportunity to help out with sponsoring some of the kids prizes at the WFAA 3D Champship in South Wales, UK organized by Graham Anderson, Sandra Anderson, and Jason Tucker.
Naturally we were only too happy to help out and from the looks of it a great day was had by all!
Although the focus of Bearpaws help was to encourage fledgling archers and support them in their love for archery, the adults were also a big part of the day and the event was a huge success.

Sandra writes…

Afan Nedd, a new club in South Wales, hosted their first Welsh Field archery 3D Championship recently. The Championship was open to all members of the IFAA and we also took entries from other archery associations along with membership cards .


This year we were really excited to have sponsorship from Bearpaw who very generously sponsored our Junior and Cub sections. Many thanks to Henry Bodnik & Kevin Smith at Bearpaw, you really helped increase the numbers of young archers entering. We were really bowled over by your generosity.


30 archers took part and enjoyed a day with a of good mix of 3D animals. Included in the course were 4 stunning shots at the top of the valley with outstanding views towards the Bristol channel. Although it was a sunny day there was a prevailing wind coming up the valley which made it both challenging and exciting. Archers had to really use all their skills to get those arrows scoring on the targets.  Everyone really enjoyed the course set up especially the one which was a Star Wars Figure!


Heading down into the Forest area of the course we had uphill and downhill shots at targets that ranged from Rats to Coyote and Porcupine to deer. There was also a quirky crocodile not often seen in the Welsh countryside, lol. With 20 or so animals shot in 2 rounds archers could see the potential in this large area of woodland with the fantastic range of the terrain. We are going to host many interesting shoots which should test everyones archery skills in the future.

Graham Anderson and Jason Tucker15218185_10155502281378626_1024560954_n
Jason Tucker was our paramount for the awards ceremony and we are very grateful to him for arranging the prizes with Henry and Kevin from Bearpaw. The awards ceremony was enhanced by the fantastic back drop banner from Bearpaw and all our juniors wanted selfies and pictures taken in front of the banner to keep as a reminder of a great day.
With a mix of super prizes we had awards to suit all classes Slate Plaques for champions, Bearpaw prizes and  trophies for other placements

CMFU        Champion  Stef Rawdin Jones won  side  Camouflage Quiver
                                2nd place Daniel Vodden
                                 3rd Ioan Rees
CMFSR     Champion          1st  Thomas Brown won a side Quiver
                                             2nd Robert Brown
CMLB      Champion             Owen Rawdin Jones won a Suede Quiver
JFSR       Champion              Emily Langford was delighted to win a take down recurve bag as hers was really needing replaced
CFBBR  Champion           Ceri  Anne Langford  won a suede quiver
CF Sighted recurve      Champion Caoimhe Broomfield won a suede quiver
                                      2nd Ainie Broomfield

A great day was had by everyone, we even had two Bearpaw bracers left which we will be using for awards in our next Turkey shoot on 4th  December for top sighted and unsighted younger archers.

Well done to the organizers (Graham & Sandra Anderson, and Jason Tucker) for putting together such a brilliant event. We were overjoyed that the prizes went to such a good cause!