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Where does the material for the fantastic cedar wood shafts made by Rose City Archery come from?

Rose_City_Archery_Bearpaw_ProductsWe hear the rumors again and again, that the raw materials for Port Orford cedar shafts are very limited. It is also a common thought that the quality of cedar shafts being shipped to Europe is not as good as what is being sold in the US. These thoughts are unfounded. There’s no way that Rose City Archery would send poor quality shafts to Europe!

All the negative comments you hear are completely without foundation. Clearly, the following clarifications must be made to the public.

1. The company Rose City Archery ships to Europe under the name Port Orford Premium Cedar Shafts. They ship only first-class and carefully certified arrow shafts! The quality is extremely good!

2. The quality of arrow shafting from Rose City is consistent Worldwide. Every country that orders Port Orford Premium Cedar Shafts from Rose City Archery will receive the same high quality shafting as anyone else. There is no preference given to any specific country or market segment!

Shop for Cedar wood arrow shafting

Shop for Cedar wood arrows

Today we would like to give you an insight into the procurement of the raw material from which the great Port Orford cedar wood shafts are made.

IMG_2357Here we see Jim, the wood buyer for Rose City Archery (on the right), who selects raw material for the next production of cedar wood shafts next to Dillon (on the left). They’re standing on the edge of a forest from which they will harvest Port Orford cedar wood. Both Jim and Dillon know exactly what to look for when choosing the Port Orford Cedar tree trunks. After all, both have been working together with Rose City Archery for a very long time.

IMG_2349In order to meet the high quality requirements for a Rose City cedar arrow shaft, only the best of the best, individually selected trees, can be used for the production of quality cedar shafts. The selection of the best wood is crucial and one of the most important points in a company having the ability to produce high quality cedar arrow shafts.

Shop for Cedar wood arrow shafting

Shop for Cedar wood arrows

IMG_2350Here, Kaleb Sherritt, the production manager of Rose City Archery, shows a large tree trunk used to manufacture their premium shafting made from Port Orford cedar. Kaleb is also on-site to select the individual tree trunks and to personally monitor this important first step in the production of Port Orford Cedar Arrow Shafts .

Cedar_1_smallOnce the individual trees have been cut to length and transported, Rose City Archery goes into production to produce the coveted arrow shafts from Port Orford Cedar. In our opinion, the arrow shafts made of cedar wood are the best choice for the longbowman and for all archers who love arrows made of real wood! Henry Bodnik met with Kate and Jerry Dishion at Rose City Archery, Oregon, in January this year to learn about the production of cedar wood shafts.

Bearpaw Products has set itself the goal of making these great cedar arrow shafts available once again to all dealers. If you’re on the retail side, check with your well-stocked Bearpaw dealer for the best cedar wood arrow shafting  available anywhere. Shoot the ultimate Port Orford cedar wood shafting from from Bearpaw Products and Rose City Archery!

Shop for Cedar wood arrow shafting

Shop for Cedar wood arrows