Wild and Dirty Camo Camp – Hunting Camping in Texas 2012

This might sound a little bit strange in Europeans eyes – but it does hit the subject into the bulls eye! In February 2012 Bearpaw Products will be on a hunting trip at a Camocamp in Texas, USA. Close to the Mexican border we are going to hunt “Hogs and Javelinas”. Also, fishing with bows will guarantee big fun and will be on our agenda. Together with Tim Cosgrove, Jim Belcher and some other fine American friends we will enjoy wilderness of Texas and the hunting with special approach: hunting romantic between fire, stalk hunting and American feeling of a Texas farm. To our understanding the direct use of the hunted game is an essential part of the hunting experience and must not be separated.

Henry Bodnik

Here we can realize the dream of adventure and excitement, a complete day on stalk hunting, being and living in the mud, in the evening sitting around our campfire and finally having a (or more) good Whisky with good friends together.

I am looking forward to that! Simply making dreams come true. Bearpaw has reserved 8 seats for that. Interested people should inform us via Hotline of Bearpaw Products promptly and commit definitely to make sure they will participate. Keyword: „Wild and Dirty Camocamp”. The hotline will also provide you if needed with further details.

If you are interested and join us in the “Wild and Dirty Camo Camp” write us an e-mail until the 30th of September to: for writing an e-mail-klick here