Sweden Adventure

Hello dear archery friends,

inspired by the call “FEEL THE SPIRIT – Share your story” I would like to announce my most beautiful bow adventure. We spent our holidays in Sweden Rydsnäs – Smorland this year and it was wonderfully decelerating. We shared a house with friends directly in nature without disturbing noise. The next neighbour was about 500m away, the lake about 100m on foot. In addition our two dogs were there, which was pure pleasure for both of them.

As an ambitious archer I took of course 2 bows with me to train something and if possible in the Swedish nature. I was looking for a parcour nearby, because I knew that archery and Sweden go well together, see also Bearpaw video “FEEL THE SPIRIT”. Now it wasn’t as easy as I thought and the next course I could find was the 3D Ranch of Mr. Grille. It was a good 2h drive until then and aggravating was the fact that I had to wait for a driving ban at that time and no one wanted to drive with me for 2h to let out a few arrows.
However, one can not miss such an experience, still in addition if already Mr. Bodnik has shot himself there.
Said done, a man – a bow – a goal = 3D ranching.

So I started about 5 o’clock in the morning and was there about 8 o’clock.
Already the morning silence on the way there in beautiful Sweden was great. Paired with a slight thrill that hopefully nobody will stop me and nothing will happen that will blow my driving without a driving license.Now I started to roam the course on my own which was not so easy due to a lack of care.
You first had to find your way around where the start is and how to proceed, but that also has something of a hunting atmosphere.

It was fun to explore the parcour and to face the shots without any distractions.
It went quite well that day too, so you could be proud of so many shots.
However, it is nature and one or the other arrow got lost or broke on the Swedish rock due to a lack of backstops. Well, that’s what happens and whoever hits is just too lazy to search.

When I arrived back in my quarters at noon, I felt good to have done the right thing and to have experienced this little adventure despite the lack of participation and driving licence.
Maybe you won’t get there again that fast, so it can only have been top!

Best regards and everybody into the kill,

Sebastian Lehnert